A Letter from Chef Lucio

ACF Chefs Las Vegas Lucio

I accepted the nomination for Vice President-President Interim and was sworn into that office on April 20, 2022, at a meeting held at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino. I am grateful for the approval expressed by the Board members and my colleagues throughout social media venues.

It has been so gratifying to have been a member of such a prestigious organization for over the past 33 years. It is now my honor and privilege to serve our entire ACF Las Vegas chapter in this leadership capacity.  I appreciate the trust you place in me by giving me this opportunity and I foresee a future full of possibility and excitement ahead of us.

At first, I found myself overwhelmed with the opportunities/responsibilities of a newly elected Vice President-Interim President. It might seem counterintuitive to accept this new challenge, as our industry is facing uncertain times and trials not seen in recent years.

 I have often expressed my strong conviction of the value of the long-term health of our organization. It is now time to look outside our walls and take responsibility for the well-being of our members. Our goal is to empower culinarians through the provision of education and resources and assist them to flourish as food service professionals.

When I look at the fine team of professionals we have just elected as officers and the great chefs on our Board of Directors, I feel that we, together can meet the needs of our organization exceedingly well during the next two years.  We must confront the challenges within our industry such as the current economic crisis and its impact on culinarians.  With the assistance of our Advisory Board and the ACF support of our members, we will prosper and grow the chapter to be more successful than ever. As a team we can, and will, promote a better future for our members, the Food Service Industry and our society.

A special acknowledgment goes out to Chef George for his leadership over the past two years and his invaluable guidance to me as Vice President-Interim President. We look forward to continuing to use his knowledge as a newly appointed Board member. 

Once, again, I send a special thanks to the members who supported my election to lead and guide the Las Vegas Chapter of ACF. I look forward to proving worthy of your vote.

I welcome your feedback on all issues and invite you to contact me at any time at Arancibialucio76@gmail.com. Please take care. 

Succeeding together,

Lucio Arancibia CEC AAC MCFE
ACF Las Vegas Chapter
Vice President -President Interim

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