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Rex Bell Breakfast 22

April 28 was definitely a day to celebrate. While the Chefs for Kids teachers have been busy instructing students throughout the pandemic, this is the first time in more than two years our chef volunteers from ACF Chefs Las Vegas have been able to see the students at Rex Bell Elementary School – and my how they’ve grown! 

It was fantastic to be back to breakfast volunteering with our charity partner, Chefs for Kids.  

The chef team at Mandalay Bay and Luxor, helped the return of this important community work post-pandemic. The kids had a choice of turkey, ham, or veggie wraps served alongside vegetable en croute, a mini yogurt parfait, milk or chocolate milk, plus a cake pop for dessert. (Shh! We know the program is all about healthy eating, but a little treat now and then on special occasions won’t hurt.) 

There were nothing but smiles around the room as many kids said things like “I’ve never eaten this before,” and “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.” Perhaps the funniest thing we heard though was one kid who looked at the food and said “What is this crap?” Funny as it may be – it just further reminds us of the important work Chefs for Kids is doing to expose kids to healthy foods they have never seen or tasted before. We often take our daily foods for granted, when the reality is there are a lot of kids who do not have regular access to fresh fruits and vegetables. One of our goals as a membership group is to support Chefs for Kids in its mission to expose kids to healthy foods so that they can find new foods they love, and ask for it at home.

As an ACF Chefs Las Vegas member, you can join us in supporting Chefs for Kids by volunteering at its next breakfast (see dates), personally sponsor a meal by donating as little as $5, or step up to the plate as Mandalay Bay and Luxor have and sponsor a whole breakfast! Interested? Email donations@chefsforkids.org

Last, but certainly not least check out photos from the event on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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