ACF Chef of the Year

The Chef of the Year awards celebration is the most prestigious night of the year where we celebrate just three of the many wonderful members we have: Chef of the Year, Associate of the Year, and Student Culinarian of the Year. Read on to learn more about each award and see our previous year’s recipients.

ACF Las Vegas Chef of the Year

The Chef of the Year Award has been established to pay tribute to that member whose culinary expertise and exemplary dedication have enhanced the image of the chef and the association. They should be a person who commands respect from the members because of character and performance.

The award will be in recognition of the dedication and contribution of time and knowledge to the association and community by the person who has accomplished the most to benefit the association.

At a first quarter general membership and board meeting, the President will announce that Chef of the Year is open for candidacy. The requirements, qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of the Chef of the Year is posted on the chapter website.

The member submits their candidacy via nomination at a meeting, nomination button on the website or in writing to the Chairman of the Board or current Chef of the Year including:

  • Culinary Expertise: Special Skills
  • Professional Goals
  • Why do you deserve and how are you going to handle the Chef of the Year position?

Nomination forms are due at the end of first quarter. For 2024: March 28. Candidates’ names submitted to membership, and nominations from the floor may occur at a first quarter board or membership meeting. All candidates must have been a member of the local chapter for a minimum of one year.

Associate of the Year

The Associate of the Year Award pays tribute to the Associate member who has dedicated their time and effort to support the many Associate Advisory Board activities throughout the year.

Nominations are received from the general membership to the Associate Advisory Board in first quarter.

The Associate Advisory Board then sends out the candidates to the Associate membership by way of secret ballot. The Associate Advisory Board counts the returned ballots and announces the chosen Associate of the Year at the Chef of the Year awards dinner.

ACF Student Culinarian of the Year

The Student Culinarian of the Year Award honors the Student Member who has exceeded the normal scholastic curriculum of a participating culinary school and has excelled in the extra-curricular activities a culinary school may offer.

The participating schools are: Community College of Southern Nevada, The Culinary Institute of Las Vegas, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The candidate must hold a current student membership from the American Culinary Federation and must submit a biography of their accomplishments to the Board of Directors of the ACF Chefs Las Vegas.

Each candidate has an opportunity to submit or give a five-minute presentation as to why they should be honored with the Student Culinarian of the Year title at a Board of Directors meeting no later than April 28.

The Board of Directors then votes on the candidates, and the chosen candidate is announced at the Chef of the Year awards dinner.

Along with the title of Student Culinarian of the Year, the winner will help plan the next year’s Student Chapter Meetings.