ACF Chefs Las Vegas Elections 2017

The ACF Chefs Las Vegas organization is the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Culinary Federation.



Election Information

We have concluded nominations of our upcoming chapter Offices: Chapter President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms. Each office has a two year term.

We have three open board seats. Each board seat has a four year term.

Nominees are invited to speak at the November Meeting.

Please check your personal mailing address with the ACF National Office as election ballots will be sent via US mail to all eligible voters to the address that is on their record.

From the nominees listed-to-date, we will have a strong leadership team that will be of great benefit for everyone over the next two years.


Board and Officer Nominees

Election Winners are in green. Click on an underlined name to view the biography.

  • President - Jamie Poltrock
  • President - Teresina Mahoney
  • Vice President- Chris Johns
  • Vice President - Steve Soltz
  • Treasurer - Michael Ty
  • Treasurer - Michael Gabriel
  • Treasurer - Darren Walters
  • Secretary - Johnny Torres
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Angela Armstrong
  • Board Member - George Bailey
  • Board Member - Tom Rosenberger
  • Board Member - J. B. Brown
  • Board Member - Anne Meyers
  • Board Member - Mark Sandoval
  • Board Member - Hekili Apao
  • Board Member - Jill Mora




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