ACF Chefs Las Vegas Chapter

President's Message

Fellow Culinarians, Associate Members, Culinary Students:

Our first ever Friends and Family event at The Sports Center of Las Vegas found everyone who attended having a great time; I would say especially those who took advantage of the Go-Karts and batting cages. As this was an informal event, I never had the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts so I'll take a few lines here. Our thanks to Chef J.B. Brown and staff for hosting and food donations from Dennis Lambertz of Nevada Food Brokerage, Chris Sanderson of Get Fresh Produce, Great Buns Bakery, and last but not least, Gene from Dreyers Ice Cream. Thank you one and all.

On the 25th October at The Art Institute of Las Vegas in Henderson, Chef Raymond Bar and his team of ACE judges conducted the ACF Certification Practical Exam We had three candidates scheduled and are extremely pleased to announced that all three passed at their different levels - Chefs Alex Ze at CEC, Laura Pedreiro at CC and Marc Sandoval at CEC. I strongly encourage you to plan ahead for a February free workshop and April practical testing at Le Cordon Bleu as we continue to promote these opportunities.

Our loyal members by the names of Frank and Claude, hosted our latest Poker Tournament at South Point Hotel and Casino. This continues to be a fun event for everyone who attends, free drinks and I believe pizza, what could be a better way to spend an evening among friends and don't forget those in attendance don't have to be ACF members. Spread the word and let's fill five tables, the more folks who participate, the larger the “Pot” the next being January 6th 2015.

Chef Chris Johns would like you to know that you can bring your toys to the next general meeting rather than wait until December when the we conduct the annual toy donation event. Speaking of Chefs for Kids, remember to “Save the Date" for the 24th Annual Chefs for Kids Dinner and Auction (Saturday, February 21, 2015.)

Looking to the New Year, the Western Regional competitions are going to be held here in Las Vegas at College of Southern Nevada (CSN), on March 20th and 21st. Early days, yet there will be plenty of opportunities to assist in carrying out this event and hopefully to support our Student of the Year Nominee, Jason Isaacs.

Our next general meeting is going to be held at the CSN campus at Russell's on their Cheyenne Campus. Chef George Bailey has planned two educational seminars with the first starting at 5 PM. Look to the website for all the complete details and menu being prepared by the faculty and students.

Be sure to check out the chapters facebook page under ACF Chefs of Las Vegas and request to join. It is pretty active with assorted food news and titbits and as I continue say in these messages, the board is always looking for ways to better engage the chapter as a whole and we look to you as members for ideas, suggestions and volunteerism to spread the word to help the chapter to grow and become more recognized as an active force in the community.


Chef Philip Pinkney, CEC, CCE, AAC
ACF Chefs of Las Vegas

Executive Committee and Board

Executive Committee

Philip Pinkney, CEC, AAC

Mike Whitesides
Vice President

Adrian Hill, CEC

Steve Soltz, CHE

George Bailey
Sergeant of Arms

Board of Directors

Tom Rosenberger, CEC

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
Lucio Arancibia
Claude Lambertz

Tina Guthrie
Michael Chen


John A Rees III
Associate Advisory Board

Xelyna Rodriquez
Junior Chapter President

Commitee Chairs

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
By-laws Chair

Tina Guthrie
Membership Chair

Lucio Arancibia
Scholarship Chair

Raymond Bar
Certification Chair

Dale Shigenaga
Culinary Show Chair