ACF Chefs Las Vegas Chapter

President's Message

Fellow Culinarians, Associate Members, Culinary Students:

I find it so hard to believe that we are already in February and the first month of this New Year has already passed us by…….phew!

We, at Le Cordon Bleu, were very happy to have been able to host the January General meeting on the 25th. For the many of you who were unable to attend, you certainly missed one of the most enlightening seminars I have witnessed in quite some time. Sharon from “The Farm’ shared the most fascinating information on the background of her operation, discussing her various hens and their traits, a little history on peacocks and fresh egg production together with her local honey and its rumored medicinal value.

Chef Elizabeth Martinez took this opportunity to present three three (3) scholarships to Le Cordon Bleu students who assisted Chef Wessman, Sharon and herself at The Farm throughout October celebrating their Harvest Festival. First Place: Rocio Valencia ($1500.00), Second Place: Alpaki Silva ($750.00), Third Place: Brittney Vierra ($500.00). My personal Congratulations to them all.

At the close of the meeting, Claude Lambertz officiated the taking of “The Oath of Office” for the new board present, those were; Chapter President: Philip Pinkney, Chapter Vice President; Chris Johns, Treasurer; David Simmons, Secretary; Jamie Poltrock, Sargent-at-Arms; George Bailey. New Board Members are: Marc Ty, and Daniel Mumau. We anticipate and are sincerely looking forward to a progressive two years of positive growth with new ideas and interesting proposals.

As I wrote in the January Presidents Message; I really want to add another sincere and another heartfelt thank you to your departing officials who spent many, many hours of dedicated service to the wellbeing of the Chapter, my sincere thanks go out again to Michael Whitesides, Steve Soltz, and Claude Lambertz (who will continue to oversee the Poker Tournament.)

Talking about the Poker Tournament – the January and February tournaments have both been very successful each with up to 30 participants. It is now being held on a monthly basis, the first Tuesday of each month and hosted by Claude Lambertz and Frank Insera. Details remain the same throughout; Place - South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa / Poker Room, registration opens at 5.30 PM, Cards fly at 6.30 PM, Free Pizza, Free Drinks, and remember that you don't have to be a member to participate!!!! Those confirmed future dates are March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th and July 5th.

The February General meeting is again this year, being superseded by the Chinese New Year Celebration of the Monkey, t his time at Harbor Palace Seafood Restaurant, 4275 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas. Last year was a total sell out, we are expecting the same again. We have been able to maintain the same price point and have actually added a welcome reception, many thanks to Chef Michael Ty. Tickets are on sale on our Web site through PayPal, $25.00 each for members and 3 guests up until February 19th after which the cost rises to $40.00 – the same price as non-members. So I encourage you all to take advantage of this limited opportunity.

Watch this Web site and Face Book Group page for announcements for all future events throughout the upcoming chapter calendar year.


Chef Philip Pinkney, CEC, CCE, AAC
ACF Chefs of Las Vegas

Executive Committee and Board

Executive Committee

Philip Pinkney, CEC, AAC

Chris Johns
Vice President

Jamie Poltrock

David Simmons

George Bailey
Sergeant of Arms

Board of Directors

Tom Rosenberger, CEC

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
Marc Ty
Adam Bruce

Michael Chen
Daniel Mumau
David Simmons


John A Rees III
Associate Advisory Board

Angela Armstrong
Junior Chapter President

Commitee Chairs

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
By-laws Chair

Membership Chair

Scholarship Chair

Certification Chair

Dale Shigenaga
Culinary Show Chair