ACF Chefs Las Vegas Chapter

President's Message

Honored Guests, Fellow Culinarians, Associate Members, Culinary Students:

Welcome to you all and thank you for joining with us to celebrate our achievements here at the annual ACF Chefs of Las Vegas Chapter Awards Ceremonies. Over the last few months I sense that things are looking up not only in our local economy but also as a chapter as a whole. As president and from members of this organization, I have heard that we have turned a corner and have found a new sense of unity and life which can only mean we will continue to grow and expand to new horizons.

The Chef for Kids breakfast program is still going ever strong under the leadership of its President Chef Chris Johns supported by tireless his supporters who believe in its mission, so many too numerous to name them all. The dinner and auction was very well attended and did a great job of raising money to support the many projects that makes such a difference to the underprivileged community. Thanks to you one and all.

The chapter advisory board has not only given substantial support to the general meetings but also to the Chefs Golf Tournament; without such efforts on our behalf we would a much larger struggle to fund the scholarship programs and other activities in which we participate. Remember it is up to us to support those who support us in our daily business transaction whenever we can. Thanks to you all.

I would like to thank the 2013 Chef of the Year Chef Adrian Hill from Sam's Town Hotel and Casino for a superb job this year in scheduling our monthly meetings. Chef also scheduled the 2013 Christmas Party and with the help of Chef Patrick Simon, Chef Steve Soltz and John Rees, tonight's Chef of the Year Dinner. Thank you again Chef Adrian and many Kudos for a job very well done.

Congratulations Chef George Bailey as the 2014 Chef of the Year. Each year it is always a difficult task to choose between two fine chefs, Chef George Bailey from South Point Hotel and Casino and Dr Gary Brant of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Congratulations to you both. Being a nominee is positive recognition for prior accomplishments and belief in your abilities for the chapters future.

Our chapter could not function without the invaluable support of our associate members. Congratulations to 2014 Associate Member of the Year, Lance Cranford for the outstanding contributions you have made in support of our chapter.

Ms. Jessica Iannotti is the 2014 Student Culinarian of the Year. Jessica is Vice -Pesident of the ACF Chefs of Las Vegas Junior Chapter, a dedicated student Culinarian at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Las Vegas . She a veritable powerhouse of hospitality connections in the area and an avid networker for fellow junior members to become involved in many events. Congratulations to you Jessica.

We as a chapter have a positive future ahead of us but look to those who are still on the sidelines to step up and support the ACF Chefs of Las Vegas, we need each and every member to participate, only through personal involvement will we be able to work towards the improvement of the chapter and greater community involvement.


Chef Philip Pinkney, CEC, AAC
ACF Chefs of Las Vegas

Executive Committee and Board

Executive Committee

Philip Pinkney, CEC, AAC

Mike Whitesides
Vice President

Adrian Hill, CEC

Steve Soltz, CHE

George Bailey
Sergeant of Arms

Board of Directors

Tom Rosenberger, CEC

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
Lucio Arancibia
Claude Lambertz

Tina Guthrie


John A Rees III
Associate Advisory Board

Xelyna Rodriquez
Junior Chapter President

Commitee Chairs

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
By-laws Chair

Tina Guthrie
Membership Chair

Lucio Arancibia
Scholarship Chair

Raymond Bar
Certification Chair

Dale Shigenaga
Culinary Show Chair