ACF Chefs Las Vegas Chapter

President's Message

Fellow Culinarians, Associate Members, Culinary Students:

I must begin with a huge thank you to Chef David Simmons and Lawry's The Prime Rib for hosting our May Meeting. We had a great crowd full of energy, amazing Hor's d'Oeuvres followed by an introduction to Certified Angus Beef presented by Mark Sykes of the Certified Angus Beef Branding and arranged through John Foster of Desert Meats and Provisions. Next we were being offered the Hand-Carved Certified Angus Beef Prime Rib and accompaniments from the multiple gueridons. What a wonderful evening that now seems soo long ago.

Before moving onto the June 7th Chef of the Year Awards Celebration, I would like to acknowledge and add a special thank you to the 2014 Chef of the Year Chef George Bailey from South Point Hotel, Casino, Spa for a superb job in planning out our monthly meetings. He brought back a general meeting to Le Cordon Bleu in January, a memorable celebration of the Chinese New Year at The Joyful House Chinese Restaurant with the assistance of Chef Michael Ty.

Chef Bailey also planned the 2014 Holiday Party at Market Street Station (now almost another tradition) where we collected the generous donations from those present, of new and unused toys for the less fortunate. Then lastly, with the help of Chef Chris Johns and John Rees, the 2016 Chef of the Year Dinner. Thank you again Chef Bailey and many kudos for a job very well done.

Congratulations go out to Chef Simmons as the newly announced 2015 Chef of the Year, ACF Chefs Las Vegas. Each year it is increasingly difficult task and vote to choose between two fine chefs, Chef David Simmons of Lawrys' The Prime Rib and Chef Tina Gruthie. Congratulations to you both, being nominees is positive recognition for prior accomplishments and belief in your abilities for the chapters future.

The Advisory Board named Sandi Boyer as 2014 Associate Member of the Year, Sandi is the relentless driving force behind the annual Chefs for Kids Auction, spearheading all the arrangements for donations, printing, mailings, tickets and seating arrangements in addition to the monthly breakfasts at each of the schools on the Chefs for Kids schedule. I couldn't think of a more appropriate and deserving winner-awardee.

Continuing with Ms. Angela Armstrong, awarded the honor of having been announced as the 2015 Student Culinarian of the Year. Angela is the newly re-elected President of the ACF Chefs of Las Vegas Junior Chapter, a dedicated student at The College of Southern Nevada, she a veritable powerhouse of volunteerism and an avid net-worker for fellow junior members to become involved in our many events. Congratulations to you Angela and the other nominees Sharon Hauht (Junior Chapter Vice President) and Teresina Mahoney (Junior Chapter Treasurer.)

I named and awarded Claude Lambertz the 2015 Presidents Award in recognition of his tireless efforts on behalf of the chapter over many, many years. Culinary Olympics Manager, Gelato Team Organizer, Chapter Election Chair and for the last year, the Poker Tournament along with Chef Frank Insera.

Finally and equally well deserved; elected to the ACF Chefs Las Vegas Hall of Fame, Chef Michael Whitesides and Chef Lucio Arancibia.

As a chapter we have a very positive future ahead of us, but continue to look to those who are still on the sidelines to step up and support the ACF Chefs Las Vegas. We need each and every member to participate, only through everybody's commitment and personal involvement will we be able to secure the future of the chapter and expand our community involvement. Watch this website and look for announcements through your email inbox for future events as we establish meeting dates and events with the new chapter calendar year.


Chef Philip Pinkney, CEC, CCE, AAC
ACF Chefs of Las Vegas

Executive Committee and Board

Executive Committee

Philip Pinkney, CEC, AAC

Mike Whitesides
Vice President

Adrian Hill, CEC

Steve Soltz, CHE

George Bailey
Sergeant of Arms

Board of Directors

Tom Rosenberger, CEC

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
Lucio Arancibia
Claude Lambertz

Michael Chen
David Simmons


John A Rees III
Associate Advisory Board

Angela Armstrong
Junior Chapter President

Commitee Chairs

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
By-laws Chair

Membership Chair

Lucio Arancibia
Scholarship Chair

Certification Chair

Dale Shigenaga
Culinary Show Chair