ACF Chefs Las Vegas Chapter

President's Message

Fellow Culinarians, Associate Members, Culinary Students:

March and April both have been very full months of Chapter activities; we finished the month with a great evening at Gold Coast with Chef Richard Cino where I had my first experience tasting “Turkey Ribs.” The food and hospitality were as generous and gracious as ever. Chef, we thank you again for your warm embrace in hosting another memorable evening.

April 12th thru 14th was the combined Western and Central Regions Conference in Indianapolis which I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. During the business meetings, all the National Candidates made their presentations for National Office for the upcoming elections. These were taped and will be posted to the National Website for viewing for those unable to be present.

Two of the seminars I attended I felt worthy of potentially sharing with our chapter sometime in the future; "Seafood Nutrition and Aquaculture – Where does the Chef fit in?," a really in-depth presentation-study into the newest developments within the Aquaculture business. The second seminar, " When You No Longer Can Be A Chef," was a thought provoking look into our potential future – I have already received the PowerPoint for this and look forward to sharing.

On April 21st, Lorri at Southwest Gas and our Advisory Board hosted a baby back rib smoking demonstration as part of the BBQ-General meeting. As ever this was a wonderful evening. The weather was near perfect and the board interviewed the three Candidates for Student Culinarian of the Year before going on to enjoy a BBQ supper. This was followed by our two candidates for Chef of the Year giving their presentations before the membership.

Ballots for Chef of the Year have been mailed to eligible members. Please be reminded that all ballots have to be posted marked no later than May 1st, and be in our PO Box on Sunset by May 5th to be counted.

Chef Bar had to cancel, with great sadness, the ACF Practical Exam at Le Cordon Bleu scheduled for April 25th due to lack of participation. While this is very disappointing we still plan to schedule another exam before the end of the year, either September or October, as well as a seminar and free workshop to encourage continued support for potential candidates.

April 27th brings the Annual Golf Tournament hosted by the Advisory Board to the Legacy Golf Course in Henderson. This event generates most of our general funds to support our many activities and is well worth your full support.

May 5th is the next date for our Poker Tournament at South Point Hotel and Casino. This still continues to be a fun event for everyone who attends, free drinks and pizza!!!! What could be a better way to spend an evening among friends and don't forget those in attendance don't have to be ACF members. Spread the word and let's fill those tables, the more folks who participate, the larger the “Pot”!!!!

May 26th takes us to Lawry's The Prime Rib on Howard Hughes Parkway, for the May general meeting. This will be hosted by Chef David Simmons, Candidate for Chef of the Year. I would anticipate this to be another memorable evening as we have two small presentations followed by a Prime Rib dinner.

Sunday June 7th brings us the Chef of the Year Dinner and Awards at South Point Hotel and Casino. The menu can be found on our website as well as the opportunity to purchase tickets through PayPal, which is a great value at $85 each or a table of 10 for $765. These prices are only available through May 24th so I strongly recommend that you go ahead and purchase them now.

My continuing reminder; check out the chapters Facebook page under ACF Chefs of Las Vegas and request to join. It is very active and growing site with assorted food news and titbits.


Chef Philip Pinkney, CEC, CCE, AAC
ACF Chefs of Las Vegas

Executive Committee and Board

Executive Committee

Philip Pinkney, CEC, AAC

Mike Whitesides
Vice President

Adrian Hill, CEC

Steve Soltz, CHE

George Bailey
Sergeant of Arms

Board of Directors

Tom Rosenberger, CEC

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
Lucio Arancibia
Claude Lambertz

Tina Guthrie
Michael Chen


John A Rees III
Associate Advisory Board

Xelyna Rodriquez
Junior Chapter President

Commitee Chairs

Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
By-laws Chair

Tina Guthrie
Membership Chair

Lucio Arancibia
Scholarship Chair

Raymond Bar
Certification Chair

Dale Shigenaga
Culinary Show Chair