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About the American Academy of Chefs

American Academy of ChefsThe honor society of the national ACF, the American Academy of Chefs (AAC) represents the highest standards of professionalism in the organization society and industry. The AAC is an ACF ambassador of culinary education and programs.

AAC fellows always promote education in this profession and support those efforts by passing on the skills, training, and expertise they possess. AAC fellows are always accountable for presenting  a positive image throughout the local, regional and national communities at events they attend and sponsor.


Members from the Las Vegas Chapter

The following list represents current or former members of our chapter that have been inducted into the American Academy of Chefs. We greatly miss those who have passed.*

  • Lucio Arancibia
  • Van Atkins
  • J. B. Brown
  • Larry Chumley
  • Jean Clary*
  • John Hui
  • Frank Insera
  • Ed Kane*
  • Aubrey L. King
  • Hans Lackinger
  • Paul Lenard*
  • Gustav Mauler
  • Vladimir Reitmaier*
  • Michael Ty
  • Clifton Williams
  • T. E. Williams*
  • Werner Zefferer

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