American Culinary Federation Chefs Las Vegas

The ACF Chefs Las Vegas organization is the Las Vegas Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, a nationwide chef organization comprised of over 22,000 members.

Our membership is reflective of the many faces the Culinary World represents here in Las Vegas. Within our roster we have Executive Chefs, Catering Chefs, Educator Chefs, Private Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Room Chefs, Corporate Chefs, Student Chefs and a corps of Associate Members who represent all categories of food service supply.

We pride ourselves on meeting and networking to accomplish common goals for the association and our community. Our group was founded in 1968 on the principles of fellowship and professionalism, and we value those principles every day.

We encourage our members to complete the Certification Program established by the American Culinary Federation, by demonstrating their expertise. We sponsor facilities in Las Vegas to keep the program current.

Many of our members have achieved both city and nation-wide recognition  through association with our chapter, the ACF, trade magazines, and of course, employers looking for people who are willing to go the extra step.

What We Do

Throughout the year we participate in and sponsor numerous community events:

A Culinary Journey

We invite you to explore and enjoy our site. Coming attractions will include recipes, celebrity chef interviews, and more. You can also Tweet with us now. Join us on Facebook and other social networks in the coming months.  Jumpstart your journey here with our Site Map.

Our Student Culinarians are the joy and future of our organization. Please contact us if you know of promising culinary students in need of mentorship and assistance! View the ACF Chefs of Las Vegas Student Web Site.

If you are a non-culinary professional, but are especially interested in everything food, consider joining the ACF as a Culinary Enthusiast. Read More and view the numerous Benefits.